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AGILE 2010

The 13th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science.

AGILE Grant Programme

ESRI Grants

ESRI sponsors grants for researchers to attend the AGILE 2010 conference covering registration fee and accommodation.

Those interested in the programme, please send an email to Fred Toppen:, having as subject "AGILE 2010 grant" and include the following information:

  • Full name (surname in UPPER CASE);
  • Institution full address;
  • Full personal contact details including email address, telephone and fax number;
  • Gender (male/female);
  • Professional status (professor, PhD-student, student, government researcher, full-time or part-time student, etc.);
  • If you are an AGILE 2010 conference paper/poster (co-)author;
  • A ONE-PAGE letter of interest highlighting the impossibility of getting (sufficient) other sources of funding, the strategic value of applicants institution within the country of origin, and the importance for applicant to attend the AGILE 2010 conference, also with respect to the scientific expectations of the applicant.

Deadline to apply for grants is February 12th March 19th.

NordGISci Grants

The Nordic Network in Geographic Information Science

The Nordic Network in Geographic Information Science, a resource for Nordic young researchers in Geographic Information Science, is offering scholarships (up to 1000 EUR for each) to those who come from the Nordic universities or institutes and have a paper accepted by AGILE 2010. Those interested in the programme, please send an email to Bin Jiang:, having as subject "AGILE 2010 grant", for more details about criteria and eligibility.



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