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The 13th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science

Geospatial Thinking

Editors: Marco Painho, Maribel Yasmina Santos and Hardy Pundt

ISBN: 978-989-20-1953-6


Basic Territory Risk Units as a Mean to Approach the Territory Risk Scenarios
Maria Augusta Fernández Moreno and Gloria Gonçalves

A workflow to improve the availability of routable data (OSM) for logistics in agriculture using data from telematics systems and community-based quality management
Johannes Lauer and Alexander Zipf

Requirements and implementation issues for a topology component in 3D geo-databases
Edgar Butwilowski and Martin Breunig

Optimization of snowmaking in high mountains ski resorts
Jean Christophe Loubier, Mikhail Kanevski, Michael Schumacher, Vadim Timoni, Stephane Claret, Adrien Zieba and Marut Doctor

Extracting urban environment quality indicators using georeferenciated data and image processing techniques
Claudio Carneiro, Eugenio Morello, Gilles Desthieux and Francois Golay

Analysis of Vulnerability of Road Networks on the Basis of Graph Topology and Related Attribute Information
Zhe Zhang and Kirsi Virrantaus

GeoGraphLab: a tool for exploring structural characteristics of transportation network
Eric Mermet and Anne Ruas

GGL: A geo-processing definition language that enhance spatial SQL with parameterization
Fernando González Cortés and Thomas Leduc

Understanding Human Movement Patterns Shaped by the Underlying Street Structure
Bin Jiang and Tao Jia

Attitude Of Undergraduate And Graduate Students Towards Free And Open Source Software For Geomatics In A Supervised Self-Study Context
Jos Van Orshoven, Klaartje Verbeeck and Stien Heremans

WMS Integrator: continuous access to neighboring WMS
Miguel Angel Manso Callejo, María Teresa Manrique Sancho and Paloma Abad Power

Rapid GIS Development: a model-based approach focused on interoperability
Rui Cavaco, Rui Sequeira, Mário Araújo and Miguel Calejo

A scalable data support model for traffic simulation in GIS
José Ramón García Alvarado, José Luis Ferrás Pereira and Rosaldo José Fernandes Rossetti

Comparing Different Search Techniques for Location-Dependent Document Retrieval
Rolf Grütter and Bettina Waldvogel

People with Difficulty in Returning Home after a Devastating Earthquake
Toshihiro Osaragi and Satoshi Tanaka

Symbology Encoding Repository
Milos Bogdanovic, Danilo Vulovic and Leonid Stoimenov

Detection of Earthquake Precursors in GIS GeoTime
Alexander Derendyaev, Valeri Gitis and Pavel Metrikov

GIS Learning Objects: Approach to Content Aggregation
Michael Govorov

Social segregation in urban areas - an exploratory data analysis using geographically weighted regression analysis
Christian Levers, Maria Brückner and Tobia Lakes

CSW2WxS - Chaining OGC Catalogs to Map and Feature Services
Barend Köbben

Distance Estimation in Virtual Reality: The Effects of Overview Maps
Adam Rousell, Claire Jarvis, Chris Brunsdon and Jen Dickie

Multi-scale pattern analysis of geographic entities
Clemens Eisank and Lucian Dragut

Research Of Fluctuation Of Glacier Kashkatash
Irina Bushueva and Olga Solomina

A support vector machine approach to model urban growth in the greater Tirana region, Albania
Tobia Lakes, Isabelle John, Daniel Müller, Carsten Krueger and Andreas Rabe

Floral Monitoring and Biophysics parameters as a tool to beekeepers installation decision
Ofélia Anjos, Natália Roque, Eurico Lidónio, Teresa Albuquerque, Fátima Peres and Margarida Antunes

Comparison of Different Interpolation Techniques to Map Temperature in the Southern Region of Eritrea
Mussie G. Tewolde, Teshome A. Beza, Ana Cristina Costa and Marco Painho

Modelling of land cover change using support vector machine
Katarzyna Ostapowicz, Tobia Lakes and Jacek Kozak

Driving forces of land-use change in the Taita Hills, Kenya
Eduardo Eiji Maeda, Barnaby Clark, Petri Pellikka and Mika Siljander

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